Climate Save Planet and save Nature. Вы здесь » This petition must stop and stop the production of coal, oil, gas, ore, diamonds, gold, salt, soil, gravel, sand, stone and so on.

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The USA, Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa and East chaos.

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American conservationist James Lee was killed
by a police officer in the building of the
Discovery Channel. He was a peace-loving
traveler, showed not only in creativity, but also in
everyday life. Lee, after two hours of
negotiations with journalists about their
zombifying television programs and asked to
stop propagandizing the reproduction of
mankind, was mortally wounded by a police
sniper during a conversation with Discovery TV
journalists during a peaceful conversation.

All charges against James Lee were fabricated to
justify the criminal activities of all the security
forces that organized the murder of the unarmed
James Lee. He was a famous defender of Nature
throughout the world for his protests against the
criminal activities of mankind against Nature.
The defender of all life on Planet Lee believed
that people and their further reproduction pose a
serious threat to the whole world and called in
his speeches to stop childbearing, considering
this a solution to a global problem and the
preservation of a clean environment and the
salvation of nature from mankind.



In the USA, on September 1, 2010, James Lee
calmly entered the building of the TV channel
and was escorted by a guard to reporters, and
Discoverer's management sent false messages
to the rescue service that they were taken
hostage by an outsider and the police came to
this false message.

American conservationists are disappointed
with Discovery Channel employees
and management in Silver
Spring, Maryland, report a false allegation
against the conservationist and a website called
"Protest to Save the Planet" published by James
Lee begins with the call "Discovery Channel
MUST broadcast to the world our commitment
to save the planet and to take the following
actions IMMEDIATELY.” The Whois lookup for
the registrant of this domain is listed as James
Lee. He was unarmed and did not threaten
anyone in the Discovery TV office - he was shot
by a police sniper, and all the perpetrators of
this terrible murder went unpunished.

James Jay Lee; always protested against the
criminal activities of mankind.
His update:  Lee's MySpace profile includes
the following:
The Discovery Channel MUST broadcast
to the world its commitment to save
the planet and do the following
IMMEDIATELY: 1. The Discovery
Channel and its affiliate channels MUST have
daily prime time television programs based on
Daniel Quinn's "My Ishmael" pages » 207-. 212,
where decisions to save the planet will be made
in the same way as they were done a hundred
years ago. The focus needs to be on how
people can live without having children as these
new additions continue to pollute and are
dangerous to Nature.

Forums of leading scientists who understand
and agree with the science
of Malthus-Darwin about the overpopulation
of the Earth led to pollution of the globe,
water and atmosphere. We must call
on all the people of the whole world in the name
of saving Nature. until something changes for
the better in the whole world.